Featured Work

Our team transformed this innovative service after massive growth and was able to bring the company successfully into its next sustainable phase.

Get2it initiated a development model for the luxury user resulting in an app for community interaction for small business, grouping services in a subscription model with real time response features.

Our engine, your experience — for business.

Enables corporations and small businesses — from enterprise platforms to specialized service providers — to customize applications for their users and offer automated workflows for their clients. Making every bit of data count.

Great for:

  • Tech subscription services

  • Medical practitioners

  • Personal trainers and wellness

  • Teachers and instructors

  • Fitness and nutrition


  • Easy onboarding of new clients and contributors

  • Custom business branding

  • Automated communications for appointments & scheduling

  • Automated scheduled messages for coaching and training programs

  • Automated release of updates

  • Intuitive use and application by clients

  • Live video and audio streaming

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