Our policy

Get2it is acutely aware of the importance of data protection, confidentiality, and security.

We have deployed our technology in a number of major businesses, academic institutions, hospitals and medical centers. In all cases, data privacy and integrity are paramount.

The platform has been developed using best practices guidelines to prevent SQL Injection attacks, sharing of session and other sensitive information in clear text and redirections to external URLs.

We are HIPAA compliant and conform to FDA title 21 part 11 for records handling. Data is maintained on encrypted servers and any content generated by users will not be shared without administrative permission. We retain data for however long it is required by our clients or any retention periods prescribed by law. When it comes time to dispose of this information, either by request or applicable law, it is always done in a secure manner.

We do not sell data to third parties and we never attain nor request personal health or financial information. When we do process personal information, it is always with the consent of our clients and their users within the terms of legal contracts.

For any questions about Get2it privacy and data security policies or details, please feel free to contact us.